24 notes

hi to everyone who’s wondering where i’ve been. i figured i should do this even though i know there aren’t much, if any, people who actually care that i’m leaving but yes i’m leaving and i’m posting this not just to announce my absence but also to thank all the people who have made my time here a good one. 

throughout my 3 years here i’ve made quite a number of friends whom i honestly enjoyed and adored for the duration of our virtual friendship however short that may be. i’ve also lost a great number too and that has greatly affected me and is probably one of the main reasons why i’m leaving. nevertheless, thank you all from the bottom of my heart and i hope you forgive me for whatever things i’ve ever done or said to upset you because i know i have.

now onto SHINee. i still love them all the same, just on a different level, no longer the crazy obsessed possessive fangirl i once was. i am not abandoning SHINee, but leaving the “online fandom” if there’s even such a term. i was too absorbed by it and neglected much of my priorities in real life. i wouldn’t say i regretted it all bc it’s a phase, an important one, that has taught me numerous things and helped make me the person i am now.

posting here has once given me great joy but gradually the joy turned into sadness and i realized how i’m no longer happy to be on tumblr. i once had people who genuinely appreciated me but all i have now is empty followers. this was once a place i know i can turn to for comfort bc there are people who care but now i could post about being genuinely sad and i know no one will bother. i wonder how many will scroll past this without reading or read and dismiss it with an “oh okay”. probably nearly all of you. and i really hate the kind of feeling realizing this gives me. 

so you may care, you may not but i’m still gonna leave this message behind regardless. i will not delete this blog for keepsake, there are good and bad memories but memories all the same. i may return even, who knows, but that is rather unlikely. still, i will miss this place even if it will not miss me.

lastly, to those who actually read this whole post (it’s been rather lengthy i apologise), thank you for your time and have a great day :-)